Free Blog Planner Printables!

I’m a big fan of being organized and planning ahead.  I use a paper planner for daily life.

So it should be no surprise that I had to create a blog binder in order to organize my blog!

I took the majority of the pages from My Joy Filled Life’s Blog Planner, which is fabulous!  I also took some of the formatting from The Butterfly Mom, and grabbed a few more pages from the Portland Bloggers Printable Planner.

And then I created some of my own pages, which you can have, too!

Free Blog Planner Printables via Love at First Book

Included in the Free Blog Planner Printables:

  • Guest Post Tracker – Helps you keep track of who is guest posting on your blog as well as the guest posts you have on other blogs.
  • Accomplishments – Track your accomplishments!  Were you featured on a brand/publisher’s website?  Keep track using this sheet!
  • Blog Contacts – Keep all of your bloggy contacts in one location!  I keep most of mine digitally, but I’m going to also keep them on this form so they are all in one blog spot.
  • Twitter/Hashtag Tracker – A helpful form to keep track of hashtags used for Twitter parties.
  • Series Planner – If you post multiple posts in a series (like how I post 4 book club posts during the months I host book club), this is a planning page that can keep you on track.
  • Website/Blog Tracker – OMG all the websites/usernames/passwords!  So hard to keep track!  This sheet lets you put that all in one location.  Password hint: Don’t put your entire password on the sheet – do it like this: R***c**0*.  That would be Rebecca00, which is something I’d remember when seeing the half-hidden PW.  BTW, that’s not my password for anything, not even close, so don’t waste your time trying to login anywhere.

And if you want to see how I put together my own Blogging Binder, check out my video!

Here’s an overview of my binder:

  • Daily Blogger Checklist, Blog Post Checklist, & Weekly Link-Ups in sheet protectors since I look at those on a daily basis
  • Weekly Divider: Review Checklist
  • Monthly Divider: Yearly Stats (aka Monthly stats over the course of the year)
  • Financial Divider: Expenses and Income on a handy sheet called My Blog’s Finances
  • Long Term Divider: Brainstorming sheets, long term goals, random lists of blog ideas
  • Giveaways Divider: Giveaway Checklist
  • Ads/Affiliates/Sponsors Divider: Pages to keep track of my affiliate programs, sponsored ads
  • Guest Posts Divider: My Blogging Collaborations (like co-hosting events or teaming up with another blogger) and Guest Post Tracker to keep track of both my guest posts and guest posts from other blogs
  • Contacts Divider: Blog Contacts sheets
  • Tracking Divider: Both the Website/Blog Tracker and the Twitter/Hashtag Trackers
  • Go ME! Divider: This will eventually hold a hard copy of my media kit (once I make it!!!) and has the Accomplishments sheets, which hold my blog achievements
  • Series Planner Divider: Series Planner sheets
  • Folder: I have a folder just in case I need some extra space to store papers I receive
  • Page protectors that hold all my extra copies/originals
  • Notebook paper

How do you stay organized with your blog?




66 thoughts on “Free Blog Planner Printables!

  1. I love the instructional video. It’s provides some good insite on how to stay organized for the bloggers out there. I didn’t realize there were so many different things worth keeping track of when you are writing a regular blog.


    • Thanks! I know you are a huge fan of the video posts, so I’m trying to sneak one in every now and then.

      When I first started blogging, I had much less to keep track of. But now that I’ve been expanding my blogging and blogging ideas, I really needed to get it all in one concise, organized area.


    • Thanks, Tanya! Do you find that the blog planner you downloaded is comprehensive enough to cover all of your needs? I might eventually redo more pages, in addition to my 6, in order to provide a cohesive planner. But even though I love so much of what I found out there, I still felt like there were a few pages I needed. . . so I made them! 🙂


  2. I love this idea!!! I stay organized largely by writing in “batches” and using my post list as a guideline to keep content upcoming. However, I think these could be a great asset to plan further ahead…and that series planning page is intriguing me. Yes, yes! Thanks for sharing these, Rebecca!


  3. These are great printables. I have been trying to find a organization style that is more than what I currently have. I really want to keep my organization digital, as I hate writing (and my handwriting), but I haven’t found anything that I absolutely love. I am definitely going to tag these and maybe try to work off a hard copy. I like the series tracker and the Twitter/hashtag tracker.


    • I’m glad I could help, Karen! Good timing! 🙂 There are just so many pages out there, to meet everyone’s needs. I have found like 5 income/expense sheets, but can’t stand all of them except for 1. It just takes time to figure out what works best for you.

      Good luck organizing!


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  5. Oh I love this! I feel so scattered with this whole blogging thing because I am new so I might have to take up on this great idea to put a binder together! How did you make the items printable for your readers? Did you just posted it as a picture and they can just print?

    Btw, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! I got this award too and thought I’d pass the love. When you have time, check it out! Congratulations!


    • Deanna,

      I used a few different methods for the printables, but they are all PDFs now for you to use. They took a very long time to put together, so I give bloggers credit for creating entire blog binder printables! I’m sure some of those women worked on them for forever!

      And thank you! 🙂


  6. This is great, Rebecca! You also sound so natural on video; way to go, girl. I’m also intrigued by how everyone stays organized. You have some areas I haven’t thought to track that would be useful (such as guest posts, twitter/hashtag tracker, ads/affiliates/sponsors). I have a bunch of Excel spreadsheets to keep me organized (in fact, I have a video tutorial planned on that very thing for the new year), but I recently just mapped everything out on paper for the next two months and that helped me feel more sane than the computer docs. So, I think I flip flop between wanting the digital planners and the paper ones. But thanks for sharing this! I’m going to have to incorporate some of your methods into my own!


    • Lauren,

      So glad you liked it! I’m newer to the vids, but I think that teaching helped me to be able to just talk naturally on the videos. That’s my goal, at least!

      I think digital organizing is soooo important! And I do that for some of my life (phone contacts, my to-read list, etc). But another chunk of my life can’t seem to be effective digitally and must be done on paper (like my personal planner and blog stuff now).

      I also hope that even for the digital planning bloggers that maybe some of my blog printables will still provide ideas on things to add to their digital planners.

      I’m excited to see your vlog tutorial on planning!!! I’m sure it will be fabulous!


  7. Wow Rebecca, you are super organized!
    I don’t know if it would work for me, but your video is an inspiration for me to do something similar but for the computer, I mean without paper because I know I won’t keep on track with that. I will think about it!
    Thanks for sharing all this! 😀


  8. This is GREAT. I used to be a big fan of Franklin Planners because they are tangible, hard-paper, in my face … But alas, they got too expensive, and I just print things out from my computer. But I love this idea of keeping track of blog posts/stats — it’s something I’ve been remiss in doing. Thanks so much for sharing!


  9. Thanks! I’m so free-form with my blog these days that I don’t think I’ll use all of these but there are definitely some that will help me shift from my journal to a better organizing format.


  10. I’m also a paper kind of girl – love buying notebooks and scribbling in them! Thanks for sharing Rebecca – it’s very thoughtful of you. I was actually thinking about getting a year planner for 2014, for mainly my blog activities. I sometimes ignore my phone’s reminders etc, so having a planner is a good thing. Thanks again…


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    • Thanks, Julie! I tried Evernote but I had a hard time remembering to use it. It’s fabulous for things that stay the same forever, like keeping track of my frequent flier numbers for airlines, but I was not effective with Evernote on a daily basis. Although my dad thinks I’m crazy for still using paper and pencil! 🙂


  12. Beautifully done! Including the video. I’m an organizational freak and I’ve got all my records on Excel spreadsheets — guest posts, accomplishments, book reviews, tour dates, etc. Everything stored on my computer and safely copied regularly to the SugarSynch cloud. However, in the day, as a legal secretary, I was the binder queen. Everything had to be in a binder with dividers and plastic sheets. I don’t remember how many cupboards and file drawers I filled, but it was a lot. LOL!


    • Thanks, Sherrey! The videos always make me a little nervous, but I can do some, nothing special though!

      I’m so glad that you’re able to keep track of everything digitally! I can do that with some blog stuff, but not all.


  13. These are adorable. I don’t use a planner (I’m an iPad, iPhone kind of girl…because lazy), but these make me wish I had one. That and the fact that there are some really adorable planners out there. Like I need another reason to shop…


    • Thanks!!! I’m glad that it makes you almost wish you were a paper planner kind of gal. Paper is my weakness, like no joke. If it’s pretty paper, I feel like I have to have it. . . but then it sometimes is too pretty to write on. . . so then what do I do? It’s kind of a sickness. . . a gorgeous paper sickness.


  14. Loved the video! It added so much to your content and like another commenter mantioed above I didn’t realized the amount of information you needed to keep organized. I’ve been using only a few sheets of loose paper on a weekly basis. Hmmn, I’ll have to get much more organized now! Thanks for sharing this good information.


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  16. What a great way to keep things on track and organised Rebecca. Especially the one that keeps track of passwords. I’ve always forget my passwords after a holiday 🙂


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